InnTeck distributing SKF bearings and seals

Publish Date: 
Jul 17, 2014

BOISE, Idaho - Boise-based InnTeck-USA announced that it is distributing SKF bearings and fork seals to dealers in North America.

"SKF is a well-established worldwide company known for pioneering high-quality bearings and sealing solutions," InnTeck announced. "They have manufacturing plants all over the world and are a leading supplier for many different industries. The motorcycle applications are a state-of-the-art addition to this product line that is designed and made in Italy.

"You might have noticed the green or red fork seals that are now original equipment on KTM Motorcycles? This is a result of a relationship that developed between SKF and WP in 2012. InnTeck supplies dealers with applications for all major suspension brands, both off-road and street," the company added.

The SKF fork seals consist of an oil seal and a wiper seal made of a new self-lubricating compound, developed to achieve superior sealing performance, the distributor noted. InnTeck also distributes an exclusive two-piece Wheel Seal Kit, with or without bearings, made of a proprietary material that offers protection for wheel hub bearings from intense off-road contamination and water entry due to frequent high pressure washing.

Other products include an integrated monotube (shock head) seal and a fork mud scraper. "The SKF seal head provides better performance and replaces multi-component seal assemblies on rear wheel shock absorbers....  Not only do the mud scrapers increase the fork seal life by reducing contamination caused by dirt entering the forks, they are user friendly, which means they can be installed easily without fork or wheel removal," the distributor noted.

Inn-Teck's North American warehouse in Boise is next to the facilities for Rekluse. InnTeck is the European distributor for Rekluse and other brands. James Richards, formerly with WPS, is national sales manager for InnTeck-USA.


From a press release.