Insurance company adds online quotes for Harley owners

Publish Date: 
Oct 31, 2013

HOUSTON, Texas - The Auto Pros company has begun linking Harley-Davidson motorcycle insurance providers with bike owners at

The providers specialize in different types of coverage for brands of motorcycles that are used in the U.S. The American- and foreign-built brands that consumers use could each require specific insurance that helps to satisfy lenders or other lien holders during the ownership of a financed motorcycle.

"The Harley insurers are now combined with other companies that are easily accessible by average bike owners who are comparing policies for price, coverage amounts and any accessories coverage," according to

Accessing the information online requires a simple zip code submission to start the quotes process, instead of the standard mailing address information that many companies require when researching price quotations online.

"The system for bike insurance we're now using relies on the zip code matching function to give the most accurate price quotes that include taxes and specialty fees that are charged in local areas," according to AutoProsUSA.

The company expanded the insurance lookup possibilities for consumers this year by creating separate database programs for motorcycles, cars and other types of motor vehicles. 


Posted by Holly Wagner