International Motorcycle Safety Conference Calls for Papers

Organizers of the 2008 International Motorcycle Safety Conference have issued a call for papers to be considered for presentation at the event, scheduled for Oct. 6-7, 2008, in Cologne , Germany.

The conference will be held just before the opening of the 2008 Intermot exposition in Germany. The conference is organized by the German Institute for Motorcycle Safety (IFZ) in cooperation with the U.S. Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Papers to be considered for the conference must be submitted by March 3, 2008. Proposals should address one or more of the following:

  • Accident Research (statistics, risk factors, biomechanics, kinematics, injuries and injury-causing factors)
  • Safety Technology (characteristic driving features of motorcycles, protective rider elements, ergonomics, safety components of motorcycles, conspicuity, and automobile safety measures)
  • Environmental Aspects (emissions, standards, measuring procedures)
  • Rider, Traffic and Vehicle Behavior (rider personalities, motorcycle conception and rider behavior, different ways of experiencing motorcycling, young riders, and general traffic behavior)
  • Trends in Development of Motorcycles (development, usage, image, social acceptance, role in future traffic systems, legal issues, and integrated safety developments in future traffic systems).
The organizers require abstracts to be a maximum of 250 words and incorporate author, affiliation, final title, starting point for investigation, methods, results and impacts/consequences. Only nonpublished manuscripts will be accepted for presentation. For more information, contact the IFZ at