Interphone F5 Bluetooth offers up to 1.5-mile range

Publish Date: 
Apr 25, 2012

The Interphone F5 Bluetooth Communicator has an effective range that starts at 0.8 miles and, when daisy-chained together by up to six riders, stretches to 1.5 miles. The system also allows all six riders to talk to each other at once. The communications device carried by Twisted Throttle features an A2DP stereo that accommodates wireless music, GPS and telephone calls and is 100 percent waterproof. Other trick features include 700 hours of standby and 11 hours of talk time or music streaming, voice-activated head unit and a text-to-speech function that lets riders listen to text messages. The F5 retails for $299.99 for a single unit kit; $499.99 for a Twin Kit.

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