INTERVIEW: Business booming for SuperATV

Publish Date: 
Dec 9, 2013
By Bruce Steever

MADISON, Ind. -- Who is SuperATV? We spoke with Jeremy Krulik, sales engineering manager for SuperATV, to learn more about the company that began as a small garage operation that soon grew to a $20 million business.

Dealernews: Why should dealers look to SuperATV for their parts and accessories?

Krulik: We don’t use distributors. Being the manufacturer of all the products you see, we actually sell direct to dealers and customers. That does two things: A, it keeps our prices down and B, it keeps our customer service up. We have looked into distributors for things like international expansion, but we won’t be doing it anytime soon.

This is what our business model’s been based off of for the last 10 years. And our basis has always been centered around four wheels. Our owner is a big creek rider, and he’s been in manufacturing his whole life. He decided he wanted larger tires, so that’s how it all started, with him in his garage making our offset A-arms. And it grew from there.

We have 1,800 dealers at this point. That puts us in about 10 different countries. That’s what we’re really working on now too, expanding our international reach to get out there. But we’re always growing our dealer network and we still sell direct to customers, too. We’re growing with the industry.


Besides the obvious clues in your company name, what’s your product focus?

Krulik: We’re really loving the side-by-sides, that’s been a big thing for the whole industry in general, with ATV sales starting to go down and side-by-sides picking up the slack. Big lifts kits have been our bread-and-butter. The EZ Steer, our electric power steering, has been a big one for us. We’re the first to hit the market for ATVs with power steering.


Who are the top OEMs for your sales, and your top areas?

Krulik: Our Rhino axles are one of the things that put us on the map. They’re 17 percent higher tensile strength than stock axles and half the price. They’re also basically built around our big lift kits. We were selling these lift kits and folks were out there breaking their axles, breaking their CV (joints) every weekend, so we made this axle to real withstand those pressures. Our Terminator tires are another one that put us on the map as well. As far as brands, Can-Am and Polaris are our biggest end users.

But we also do a lot of little part and accessories as well, along with lots of wear-and-tear items that are going to be big anywhere. Brake pads, ball joints, stuff like that. (continued)