INTERVIEW: Business booming for SuperATV

Publish Date: 
Dec 9, 2013
By Bruce Steever

What does a dealer need to get setup with SuperATV?

Krulik: You can actually start ordering immediately. We don’t have any purchase requirements or buy-ins, we just need you to fill out the dealer application so we have the tax ID number for resale and audit purposes. We’re not looking to lock-in dealers with some fixed minimum purchase per month. We also take pride in being an easy company to work with. We’re lenient on any warranty issues that come up.


Finally, you mentioned customer service as a core of your business…?

Krulik: It’s actually been a very big driving force for our business. We have a room full of guys up front that really know their stuff and have been training to really know the ins and the outs of our products. We sell on customer satisfaction. If they’re not happy, they won’t buy from us!