Investigation Leads to $1.875 Million Judgment Against Dealers


The California Air Resources Board’s 2006 investigation of Los Angeles-based Viva Motor Sports led to a $1.875 million judgment by the Los Angeles Superior Court against it and other companies for selling non-California certified motorcycles and off-road recreational vehicles. The vehicles did not meet California’s emissions standards.

“There are plenty of great motorcycles that meet clean air standards. Most dealers know this and carry only bikes that have their California smog certificate. Those who try to cut corners put themselves in a lose-lose situation,” said ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols in a news releases. “Violators pay penalties and damage their reputations while putting public health at risk.”

Those penalized include Viva Motor Sports Inc., DEC 26 Inc., BH Motorsports Inc., Nitro Motorsports Inc, and associated businesses. All are based in the Los Angeles area. Each will pay $268,000, with the balance of the fine to be stayed.