iPhone app adjusts motorcycle speaker volume automatically


Audio system maker Cycle Sounds has released an iPhone app that can adjust speaker volume based on the speed of the motorcycle. The app is called Cycle Sounds SCV (Speed Controlled Volume).

App users enter the maximum speed they’ll be traveling along with their preferred volume level. The app automatically adjusts the volume, based on the road noise associated with the different speeds.

If a rider is traveling at 70 mph, for example, the radio volume decreases by itself as the bike slows down. No longer does he or she have to pull up to a light with the radio blasting as if the bike were traveling at 70 mph. Likewise, the volume increases as the rider speeds up again.

An additional feature is that riders can now use the GPS and listen to music at the same time, allowing them to chart their route without cutting off the music.

Cycle Sounds (www.cyclesounds.com) produces a wide variety of audio components for Harleys, sportbikes, metric cruisers, ATVs, UTVs and scooters. The company encourages dealers, OEMs and distributors interested in stocking its products to call 866-427-2346 or e-mail sales@cyclesounds.com.

Posted by Arlo Redwine