Italian Pavilion exhibitors at Dealer Expo 2009

Publish Date: 
Feb 15, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Italian Pavilion on the first floor of the Indiana Convention Center features 18 companies, with product ranging from apparel and accessories to exhausts, chassis components and other hard parts. The Italian Pavilion is organized by the Italian Trade Commission (Booth 2235).

Here are the companies taking part:

  • Adige SpA (Booth 2438) is a supplier of clutches, brakes and other hard parts.
  • Alpina Raggi SpA (Booth 2341) specializes in spokes, nipples and tubeless wheel equipment.

  • Arrow Special Parts (Booth 2135) is a manufacturer of silencers, headers, mid-pipes, rearsets and steering dampers.
  • Ariete (Booth 2327) is a producer of goggles, goggle accessories, grips, off-road accessories, racing valves, racing spark plug caps, fork gaiters, fuel pipes, fork oil seals, drive belts.
  • Axxel Dynamix SRL (Booth 2444) supplies special racing parts and suspensions for cycles and ATVs.
  • BMC Air Filter (Booth 2245) is a producer of high performance air filters.
  • Caberg SRL (Booth 2335) is a manufacturer and distributor of helmets.
  • Carat SRL – Bikeen Division (Booth 2339) is a supplier of tubeless spoke wheels, braking systems, tire-warmers and pressure control systems, engineering systems, front and rear sprockets and final drive chains.

  • Carpi Moto SRL (Booth 2145) distributes Italian-made product for sportbikes.
  • Fren Tubo SRL (Booth 2145) supplies flexible hoses braided with carbon, Kevlar and steel for braking systems, tubes for purification, cooling, fuel injection systems and shock absorbers.
  • Harri’s (Booth 2327) is a supplier of grips and tank protectors.
  • D27 SAS (Booth 2345) produces back protectors and braces.
  • MIVV SpA (Booth 2145) manufactures exhaust systems.
  • Tenneco Marzocchi SRL (Booth 2227) is a manufacturer of suspension products for motorcycles.
  • Print SRL (Booth 2434) is a producer of resin tank pads, rear sets, license plate holders, sliders, indicators and other aesthetics.
  • ProGrip/Plastiche Cassano SRL (Booth 2127) is a supplier of grips, goggles, gear and accessories.
  • STM Trading SRL (Booth 2430) produces slipper clutches.
  • Verlicchi Nino E Figli SpA (Booth 2344) is a manufacturer of frames, swingarms and exhaust systems.