It's all about community at Delano Sports

Publish Date: 
Dec 1, 2010

THE FOLKS AT Delano Sports in Minnesota know how to be part of their community. The dealership supports a range of local causes that reach out to riders, non-riders and potential future riders.

"We're not going anywhere," says dealership manager Mahlon Bauman. "We've been in Delano for 38 years. Our families are here. Our friends are here. We've tried to set up how we operate this business based upon community ties."

She and owner Tony Donahue say the multiline dealer does everything from providing bikes for community activists to ride in fundraisers to hosting blood drives and giving tours to groups from a nearby preschool. Through the end of the year, the store is collecting donations for the community food bank, Delano Helping Hands Foodshelf. Customers get one percent off a purchase price for each nonperishable food item, up to 15 percent.

"When we have events that bring additional people into the store we try to include service groups," Bauman says.

"Every time we have an event here, it has a positive cash flow for the economy," she said. "People decide to eat lunch or dinner in Delano and do some shopping.”