It's OK to 'share' your business... and go viral

Publish Date: 
Feb 1, 2010
By Dennis Johnson

AT THIS POINT, many dealers have a well-established e-mail newsletter in addition to a growing presence on various social media sites. How about creating an opportunity within your e-mail campaign to link your message to the myriad viewers on sites such as Facebook and MySpace? An article in the American Express Small Business forum ( explains how it’s possible to integrate “share” buttons into your e-mail marketing.

This is a chance to move beyond the “forward to a friend” message that’s included in most e-mails. The sharing feature would allow your recipients to immediately post your dealership’s latest and greatest to their social network profiles, thus providing a way to get more e-mail subscribers and possibly allow your message to “go viral.”

The article cites a study by Marketing Sherpa that says including a sharing button can lead to a “25 percent boost in reader interaction, and a surge in inbound traffic from social networking sites.” It further reports traffic increases for the companies’ social networking sites — 2,070 percent for LinkedIn, 1,680 percent from for, and 1,351 percent for Facebook. That’s pretty healthy bump in your social media efforts.

To include a share button in an e-mail, the Small Business forum story explains it as follows: “If your e-mail consists of multiple articles, make sure each points to a page on the Web, and that your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn share buttons are set-up to share the URL of each respective article (note: you’ll want to stick to images and text links for your e-mail share buttons as opposed to JavaScript).”

It’s also a good idea that all of your store’s e-mails include links that urge readers to follow your shop’s Twitter feed or become of a fan of your store’s Facebook fan page. From here, cross promote to your social network followers that you have an e-mail campaign, writes the author, Adam Ostrow.

And then there’s this: Make sure your content is compelling enough to share and valuable enough to your readers to make them read it.


This story originally appeared in the Dealernews February 2010 issue.