Jacksonville Powersports celebrates 35 years


Bill Goetz was looking for some long-term security when he opened Jacksonville PowerSports 35 years ago. Looks like he found it.

Goetz and his sons -- co-owners Glenn and Mark -- have successfully kept Jacksonville PowerSports are having an anniversary party through May 15.

Goetz loves his job but told the Florida Times-Union he was looking for security when he bought the store and received his dealer's license on May 13, 1975. He was working at another motorcycle shop, but could see no future.

"I wanted something that what I put my efforts into, I'd have a future," he says. "Probably, if I had known everything that was going to come up, I would not have done it. I was pretty underfinanced to start."

That humble beginnng and the recession of the early 1980s prepared the dealer for hard times like the industry has been having lately. "I just refused to lose," Goetz says. "I remember in '81 we were paying 21 percent floor plan interest or something like that. I was out of business and didn¹t know it. I just kept coming to work, kept doing stuff and got through it.”

Goetz now has a second dealership in Yulee and more than 20 employees.

The anniversary celebration reaches its crescendo Saturday with food, a live band and a drawing, GM Jeff Lewis says. The highlight will be the $50,000 “Ultimate PowerSports Package dice roll” for 20 people who have qualified via a radio trivia contest. The package includes the choice of a Victory Hammer motorcycle or Can-Am Spyder and a Kawasaki Ultra 250 jet ski and a Polaris Outlaw 525 ATV and a choice of a Polaris Razor LE Sport or Kawasaki Transporter 4x4.

"The way the contest works is they go on to the radio station (The Eagle, 96.9) Web site, and we¹ve got a bunch of trivia questions," Lewis explains. "When they answer the questions, that qualifies them. So 20 people will come out and roll the dice, and the dice all have the number 35 on them. If they roll all five dice with the number 35 pointing straight up, then they win the $50,000 package."

Posted by Holly Wagner