JAMA Creates Intellectual Property Committee

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), a body representing the interests of Japan's four main motorcycle manufacturers, has created a committee to focus on intellectual property rights.

JAMA has to date addressed intellectual property issues through a subcommittee functioning under its Technical Administration Committee. However, according to the organization, recent trends and developments in regard to intellectual property made it necessary to create a body fully dedicated to the issue.

In the short term, the committee hopes to create measures to help combat vehicle design imitation and the proliferation of counterfeit parts. Mid- to long-term goals include the creation and acceptance of agreements/treaties banning the proliferation of counterfeit parts and imitation products; as well as the promotion of international cooperation concerning global patent rights in mind — achieved primarily through tripolar partnerships of Japan, the United States and Europe, and of Japan, China and South Korea.

According to JAMA: "Along with the increasing need to address intellectual property issues within the realm of corporate activity, important developments have taken place in recent years, both in the domestic and international arena, impacting the Japanese automobile industry's ability to sustain its global competitiveness. To help ensure sustainable growth, the industry is determined to remain in the global technological vanguard for vehicle safety and environmental performance and vigorously promote the protection and use of the intellectual property rights that are the fruit of resulting engineering breakthroughs."