Japan Production Down 44% in April

Japan's four main motorcycle manufacturers produced 75,977 units in April, down 44.2% from the production of 136,229 units in April 2007. The recent production figures represent a production decrease for the eighth consecutive month, says the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).

50cc or under…11,274 units, down 14,591 units or 56.4%
51-125cc…8,114 units, down 6,382 units or 44.0%
126-250cc…12,315 units, down 6,327 units or 33.9%
Over 250cc…44,274 units, down 32,952 units or 42.7%

Honda produced 17,184 units in April, down from 36,455 units in April 2007; Kawasaki produced 10,132 units, down from 25,528 units; Suzuki produced 26,442 units, down from 43,007 units; and Yamaha produced 22,214 units, down from 31,196 units in April 2007.

JAMA says the four OEMs exported 74,856 units from Japan in April, down 39.3% from the export of 123,260 units in April 2007. The recent export figures represent an export decrease for the seventh consecutive month.

50cc or under…445 units, down 526 units or 54.2%
51-125cc…4,628 units, down 7,857 units or 62.9%
126-250cc…9,946 units, down 2,505 units or 20.1%
Over 250cc…59,837 units, down 37,516 units or 38.5%

Honda exported 7,944 units in April, down from 18,570 units in April 2007; Kawasaki shipped 11,112 units, down from 26,139 units; Suzuki shipped 32,721 units, down from 45,692 units; and Yamaha exported 23,079 units, down from 32,859 units in April 2007.

The four manufacturers produced 438,067 units during the first four months of 2008, down 28.6% from the production of 613,524 units during the same four months last year. Exports totaled 400,738 units, down from 506,928 units.