Jardine performs magic with billet aluminum

Publish Date: 
Mar 1, 2002

JARDINE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS takes great pride in its 40-year history of transforming chunks of metal into high-tech trickery for motorcycles.  Lately, the company has been performing magic with billet aluminum.  Industry vet Kerry Bryant, the newly named director of sales, marketing, R&D and engineering - the head magician, so to speak - recently gave us the lowdown on Jardine's latest tricks.

First up for consideration:  The company's new billet handlebars, which come in five unique bends:  Beach, Cruiser, Drag, Dresser and Knuckle.  The sculpted pieces are hand-polished to a brilliant finish, and according to Bryant, more styles are in development.  These handlebars could provide the one-off look your customers are looking for, and are available for both Harley-Davidsons and metric cruisers.  In addition, if customers would like to take a little weight off their wrists, 2"-8" risers are available in straight and bent styles.




Next up is the Ultimate Billet Backrest & Rack combo.  "It's very adjustable - that's why we call it the 'Ultimate Backrest,'" says Bryant.  He's not kidding:  In just seconds it adjusts from the forward solo position to the back for passenger support.  The design also allows for an easy installation by using existing holes on the stock bike, and has a "quick-detach" feature.  The other member of the combo, the billet rack, provides a platform for carry-on items.  Both pieces are available by themselves, and both are polished and triple chrome plated.  Like the handlebars, the Ultimate Billet Backrest & Rack combo is available for H-D and metric cruisers.  Jardine also offers a more economically priced steel backrest.


The final product is the Billet Light Bar.  "An FL model, a full-dresser model - those are the bikes you'd normally see something like this on," explains Bryant.  Thus, this bar should be high on the wish list of customers wanting to give their bike a classic look.  Cosmetics aside, it is obviously also ideal for anyone in need of some extra illumination.  A pre-installed wiring harness makes for an easy installation.

Jardine is entering an exciting period.  To complement their already burgeoning automotive division of "Cat-Back" car exhaust systems, they recently acquired hot rodding legend Thorley Headers, and are looking into bringing that brand to the motorcycle market, as well as adding another 20,000 sq./ft. to their 80,000 sq./ft. facility.  "Part of why I came on board," claims Bryant, "is that Jardine wanted to restructure."  Here's to future wizardry from Jardine. - Arlo Redwine