Jen Muzzillo, StreetFX: No missteps made


Jen Muzzillo, marketing director for StreetFX (Buztronics), on the company's 2010 experience.

Dealernews: What is your game plan for taking on 2011? What specific changes are you making?
Muzzillo: Increasing product offering to include more functional LED lighting and accessories. We are going to work closer with our distributors to increase visibility in the market. We are working on updating our website to be easier to search and offer more resources for riders like video demonstrations and downloadable manuals. We want to increase our exposure to riders in the social networking world by expanding our twitter and facebook presence.

DN: What missteps, if any, did you make in 2010?
Muzzillo: We did not make any missteps. The sudden and unpredicted changes of 2009, both domestic and international caught most everyone off guard. We adjusted our business plan then and stuck with a plan that is very flexible. We built up stock for more small just-in-time orders and things have worked out pretty good so far.

DN: Based on those experiences, what are you going to do differently in 2011?
Muzzillo: We will stick with our current plan. Steady as she goes.

DN: 2010 wasn’t a great year for most of our industry, but how did the market or economic conditions specifically affect you or your business?
Muzzillo:What affects the industry affects us. A downturn in motorcycle accessories resulted in a direct down turn in that portion of our business.

DN: What would you have done differently in 2010 if you had possessed a crystal ball?
Muzzillo:Bought a bunch of stocks when the market was down.

DN: What did you do right in 2010?
Muzzillo: We have grown our line to reach more riders by offering replacement bulbs and utilitarian lighting.

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