Jesse Rooke builds his brand

Publish Date: 
Apr 1, 2007
By Dave Scott

Jesse Rooke grew up racing just about anything he could find to ride. This early racing enthusiasm influenced the way the bike builder approaches designing custom motorcycles. He uses only high-quality performance products, and it's what differentiates Rooke from many builders today.

Rooke is more about performance and function than size and scale. Many modern-day choppers are equipped with long front ends and fat rears. Geometry has improved greatly, allowing for an easier (but not necessarily fun) ride. Rooke wants to put the fun back in.

A Jesse Rooke one-off custom usually sells for $100K-plus. But the bike that was being shown at the Dunlop booth in the main hall at Dealer Expo had an MSRP of just under $30,000.

To achieve the lower price, Rooke asked Dunlop, FMF Racing and Performance Machine to supply him with performance parts for a limited production run of only 100 machines. You've probably seen the ads by now.

The $30K program in part fulfills Rooke's plan to create a "family environment" in the custom market. Customers ordering these bikes will be able to take delivery at major rallies during 2007 (like last month's Daytona and this summer's Sturgis Rally). When they do, Rooke plans to host special hospitality events to commemorate the occasions, and lead a ride at each event.

Rooke is one of the few builders in the industry that realizes the value of reaching across multiple market segments. He says he believes his efforts to extend the "family" of Rooke bike owners will be instrumental in building the overall brand. He plans to follow with similar programs for a V-Twin or even a metric bike.