Jesus, Charles Manson, and mean women

Publish Date: 
Feb 20, 2013
By Rick Fairless

Trouble is, some shops are cutting up frames in garages without the proper equipment, and this can cause a dangerous situation for the rider, like a high-speed wobble. Sure, the customer will save a couple of bucks by getting their work done from a “shadetree fabricator,” but if it’s not done correctly, then they are risking their lives. It’s kinda scary, but we see it every day.

I was told that I looked like a cross between Jesus and Charles Manson, but Ma was drunk when she said it.

Do y’all have a change of seasons up there in Heaven? Or is every day sunny and 80 degrees? Does Jesus still have long hair and a beard? A few years ago I was told that I looked like a cross between Jesus and Charles Manson, but Ma was drunk when she said it so I don’t really think she meant it.

Spring has already arrived here in Dallas and I am happy for it. My Strokers Empire is something to behold on a pretty weekend. On any given Saturday or Sunday afternoon we will have 500 to 1,000 bikes visit us. It’s really cool: The band is playing, the bikes are roaring in and out, and everybody is hanging out. I gotta tell y’all, it’s what I live for.

The first Saturday of every month we now have an open swap meet. It’s really cool because I have the only outdoor swap meet in this area. It’s good for my business because it brings people from all around the south to buy, sell and trade their motorcycle parts — and while they are here they are spending money at my motorcycle shop and eating my hamburgers and drinking my beer.

The added bonus is that we set up our own display of swap meet parts, consisting mostly of “pull-off” parts along with slow moving and closeout parts, and basically anything that’s been in my inventory too long.

People can really get some good deals and locate some hard to find parts at the same time. I think other dealers should also incorporate this swap meet idea into their own weekend plans.

Anyway, I’d better go for now, I have to write my next column for Dealernews, and Mary gets mean when I’m late —  but hey, it’s not her fault, women are just naturally a mean bunch (sorry, Grandma).

This story originally appeared in the March 2013 issue of Dealernews.