Jims Offers Transmission Rebuild Service


Jims now offers a transmission rebuild service for Harley-Davidson and aftermarket transmissions. The company says it can tackle everything from old five-speeds to the new Harley Cruise Drive.

“We all know that times are tough,” the company stated in a press release aimed at riders. “For some, that means keeping your ‘older’ motorcycle running good instead of upgrading to a new bike. That’s where this new transmission rebuild program from Jims comes in. You can now send your old, tired transmission into Jims for a complete overhaul.”

Jims says it will completely disassemble each transmission, inspect all wear surfaces and replace all bearings, seals and worn parts that are out of service wear limits.

Jims points out that it has built a reputation for manufacturing and assembling quality transmissions, including five- and six-speeds, right-side drives with bearing support, and the Jims Fat 5 overdrive.

Dealernews has left a message with Jims requesting pricing and dealer information. Check back for an update.