JIMS shows engine failure detection system, new tappet, cylinder head cooler

Publish Date: 
Aug 1, 2014

FRISCO, Texas - JIMS' new Engine Failure Detection System, on display at the Tucker Rocky Brand Expo, detects metal shavings and other items early, before they work their way into engine components on 1993-2014 Harley Touring models and 1991-2014 Dynas.

The system monitors the presence of ferrous metal debris in the engine oil using a sensor contained in a special drain plug. When the amount of debris in the oil reaches a level that could indicate a problem it illuminates an LED warning light in the handlebar clamp.

The kit is reportedly easy to install, with no cutting or splicing. Kits are available for 7/8- and 1-inch handlebars in black or chrome.

Also at the show were JIMS' new Powerglide Steady Roll tappets (shown), which reduce problems associated with contamination or failure caused by broken needle rollers and debris. JIMS replaced the needle rollers with a bronze alloy bushing and then attached the new roller assembly to the regular Powerglide tappets.

The result is increased reliability, longer life and quieter operation, the company said.

"We've eliminated the needle bearing in the tappet, so there are no pieces to come out and take out the engine," said Denise Hughes, sales manager.

The Evolution Steady Roll Tappets may be used on 1984-present EVO, 1986-90 Sportster and 1987-90 Buell models, while the Twin Cam units can be used on 1999-present Twin Cams and 2000-present Sportsters and Buells.

Also on tap, and just in time for the crowded summer rallies, was JIMS' new ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler system (shown, left) which forces the heat away from your customer's engine by pushing high-velocity air through the cylinder fin pack in a wide flow pattern directed at the head gasket surface.

It's powered by a cooling fan reportedly designed to cool brakes in NASCAR, and thus can lower head temperatures by as much as 100 degrees, the company reported.

Press images courtesy JIMS