John Schaller, House of Harley-Davidson: adding inventory, hiring staff


Store shot, House of Harley-Davidson.

John Schaller, owner of House of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee, Wis., on what he learned in 2010.

"We expect business in 2011 to continue to improve. We are adding inventory and hiring staff positions now so that new people will be trained and ready to take care of our customers when the season begins. We are going to continue to be aggressive in our motorcycle sales in order to gain market share.

"After significant expense reductions in 2009, our expenses did begin to creep back up about 5 percent in 2010. Having learned to run much leaner, we need to continue to be watchful and monitor expenses as business continues to improve.

"We are having a better year in 2010. As the year has continued, overall business has continued to improve. I don’t know that we will soon see “great” years as measured against the late 90s and early 2000s, but when compared to the inconsistent sales of late ‘08 and ‘09, it certainly is improving.

"Overall if we had known, we would have focused on used bike sales more quickly and more in depth."

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