Johnson Controls handling VARTA AGM battery launch in U.S.

Publish Date: 
Oct 7, 2013
By Bruce Steever

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Whether you feel the electric motorcycle is ready for prime time or not, batteries are still where most every ride starts. Jumping into the conventional powersports battery segment for the first time is Johnson Controls and its premium VARTA AGM batteries.

Using a high-quality Absorbant Glass Mat technology, VARTA batteries offer the features expected of a modern powersports battery.

According to Johnson Controls, VARTA batteries are charged prior to ship for convenience, are maintenance-free, non-spillable and can be installed at any angle safely. The VARTA line is also built to survive abuse, capable of enduring impacts, multiple full discharge and recharge cycles, and temperature extremes.

VARTA batteries are coming to U.S. via Johnson Controls and are backed by more than 100 years in the battery business. Initial applications lists will consist of 16 different “group sizes” which are claimed to cover over 90 percent of the various models found in the motorcycle, ATV, UTV, scooter, snowmobile and PWC segments. Head over to to learn more.