Just for fun: H-D engines power street-legal bumper cars


Move over, Lightning McQueen. They’re cute as a button, guaranteed to turn heads and pretty much the last thing you expect to see in traffic, but they’re also irresistible.

The “anonymous” gearhead who turns carnival bumper cars into street-legal vehicles powered by Harley-Davidson engines gave Dvice a rundown of how he does it – but they had to agree to hide his identity.

The builder is a shadetree mechanic with no formal training. He thinks of himself more as an artist than a mechanic, and the cars – which look for all the world like the cartoon cars in the Pixar movie – are just one of his projects using recycled materials. He’s built eight so far.

Dvice only hints at the location: “This guy toils in his warm, dry hometown, turning bumper cars from the '30s, '40s and '50s into actual (and for a time, street-legal) cars,“ which have sometimes been displayed “in the showroom of his business, which has something to do with finished-metal processing.”

But a little Internet searching turns up Californian Tom Wright, who found most of his bumper cars at the defunct Long Beach Pike, and more photos of his pimped-out mini-rides. If a Boss Hoss is a stallion, these are Shetland ponies.

Dvice has more on how he does it. It’s probably all we’ll ever know, as Wright says he won’t sell them or build them for anyone else.

Posted by Holly Wagner