Kansas ABATE rally abated


An ABATE motorcycle rally scheduled to start May 6 at the Crawford County Fairgrounds in Girard, Kan., has been scuttled.

Crawford County Sheriff Sandy Horton says the organizer told him he didn't want law enforcement there, and that raised a red flag.

Horton says the organizer “wanted law enforcement to leave the event each day by 6 p.m. and allow illegal activities such as marijuana usage and nudity,” according to KOAM-TV.

Horton took his concerns to the Crawford County Zoning Office and Commissioners. Crawford County Commissioners Ralph McGeorge and Bob Kmiec denied the zoning permit needed to have the ABATE Bike Rally.

In his letter to the Zoning Office, Horton wrote that he would spend an estimated $9,000 in in overtime pay for deputies, and it would also put pressure on Girard Police and pull from surrounding communities as well.

Posted by Holly Wagner