Kawasaki Cancels Dealer Meeting

Publish Date: 
Apr 16, 2009

KAWASAKI announced today that it has canceled the national dealer meeting it had planned for September, and will redirect those funds to retail-oriented programs.

“While we enjoy the annual opportunity to meet with all of our dealers under one roof, today’s economy dictates a different approach, which will become increasingly important as long as current economic conditions prevail,” Tony Murr, VP of sales, said in a press release.

Kawasaki recently launched its Greenlight Sales Event for the spring and summer months. The company says it’s backing the promotion heavily with television, print, Internet and direct-mail advertising. The promo also features a combination of cell phone texting with in-store sweepstakes prize confirmations designed to increase floor traffic.

Similar to last year, Kawasaki plans to introduce more than a dozen new or significantly updated models for 2010. To market these vehicles, it says it’s developing several “uniquely creative outreach efforts.”