Kawasaki partners with Service Group for insurance

Publish Date: 
Aug 14, 2014

AUSTIN, Texas - Service Group will provide comprehensive extended coverage on new and used powersports units sold at Kawasaki dealerships throughout the U.S., according to an agreement with Kawasaki  Motor Corp.  USA.

Service Group will be the administrator for the new GAP, tire and wheel, and prepaid maintenance products that are offered alongside Kawasaki’s rebranded factory coverage, Kawasaki Protection Plus.

To enhance its current product offerings for non-Kawasaki units, Service Group will also administer GAP, tire and wheel, prepaid maintenance, and extended service agreements in a new product called Preferred Protection Plus, a rebranding of the former Good Times Protection Plan.

“We think the alignment of our company values, culture, and products will lead to a great long-term partnership,” said Service Group President Martin Jenns.

More than 400 Kawasaki dealerships sell the new products. 

From a press release