Kawasaki powers up KX85 and KX100 dirtbikes for 2014

Publish Date: 
Jul 8, 2013

IRVINE, Calif. - Kawasaki has updated its KX85 and KX100 beginner dirtbikes for 2014, giving them more power and better low-end and midrange torque. The models retail for $4,349 and $4,599, respectively.

Kawasaki began promoting the models on its consumer website today, along with the upgraded 2014 Teryx4 side-by-side that also comes in a limited edition.

Kawasaki claims the KX85’s retuned liquid-cooled 85cc two-stroke engine produces 20 percent more peak power than the previous model. A new cylinder head combustion shape reportedly increases power at all rpm, while a new piston with a longer piston pin improves reliability.

The KX85’s new 32.7-inch seat height is 0.4 inch lower than the 2013 model.

Kawasaki claims the KX100’s retuned liquid-cooled 99cc two-stroke engine produces nearly 17 percent more peak power than the previous model. New jetting reportedly optimizes performance with new engine tuning specs.

The KX 100’s new direct upward brake line simplifies brake bleeding maintenance.

The KX85 and KX100 both feature the following improvements, according to Kawasaki:

  • A revised Kawasaki Integrated Power-valve increases more midrange torque and top-end power
  • A cylinder head gasket and gasket retention dowel prevents detonation, increasing reliability
  • A piston with single-ring design (was two rings) reduces friction
  • Lightweight Nikasil-coated cylinder features a new exhaust port shape for better flow, more power
  • The crankshaft now measures 83mm (up 2 mm) in its outer diameter, increasing rigidity and improving durability
  • A precisely shaped resin block added to the crankshaft closes the gap around the machined area near the crank pin, reducing volume of the bottom end to increase intake transfer for more power
  • Independent valves replace the old three-piece valve design, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance (Continued)