Kawasaki recalling 2013 Ninja 300s for ABS inspection

Publish Date: 
Jul 25, 2013

ABS-RELATED RECALLS are affecting several vehicle manufacturers. The common thread: each recalled motorcycle features the latest compact anti-lock brake system modulator from Nissin in Japan. The recalled bikes from Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Triumph use the new ABS unit, claimed to be the smallest and lightest on the market. 

A manufacturing defect during the assembly phase of the Nissin Hydraulic Control Unit can cause a loose chip of aluminum to remain inside the ABS unit. Normal braking function is unaffected; however, the loose metal chip may prevent the HCU check valve from operating properly -- which in turn could prevent normal ABS function during a skid. If a rider expects the ABS to function normally and instead locks one or both wheels, the risk of a crash increases.

--Bruce Steever

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Kawasaki is recalling certain 2013 model-year EX300BDFAL Ninjas to fix a potential malfunction with the anti-lock brake system (ABS), NHTSA announced.

The recall involves an estimated 1,083 units manufactured from Aug. 16, 2012, through April 2, 2013.

According to the recall report, the manufacturer of the ABS Hydraulic Unit for the 300cc Ninja notified Kawasaki Heavy Industries earlier this year that aluminum particles may have contaminated the HU during the manufacturing process. A months-long investigation revealed that misalignment of the check valve pressing axis caused the aluminum contamination, the OEM stated.

"This does not influence the operation or performance of the conventional brake, but there is a possibility that it could create a functional failure of ABS," Kawasaki reported to NHTSA.

Kawasaki told NHTSA that a Recall Service bulletin would be distributed to dealers on Aug. 2, and that it would begin notifying owners on Aug. 5. Dealers will be instructed to inspect the vehicles and, if necessary, replace the ABS pump, Kawasaki stated.