Kawasaki recalls more Concours 14 police bikes for unauthorized mods

Publish Date: 
Aug 28, 2013
By Mary Green Slepicka

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Kawasaki is recalling additional Concours 14 police motorcycles after discovering that accessories installed by other companies to customize the bikes for law enforcement may cause the bike's 30-amp main fuse to blow, according to NHTSA.

In addition, the additional police wiring harness installed on these bikes may chafe, leading to a short which in turn may blow the main fuse and stall the engine, the agency noted.

Total number of vehicles affected by this recall is 44 but could be "significantly more," according to Kawasaki. This latest recall is an expansion of recall 12V-134 issued in March 2012 that affected about 270 police bikes

The problems are reportedly attributable to modifications made by Enforcement Motors Inc., Hayden, Idaho; and BMS Inc. of Post Falls, Idaho, Kawasaki told the agency. The original recall cited problems associated with modifications made to the bikes by Beaudry Motors Inc., Hayden, Idaho, and/or BMS, the OEM stated.

During the 2012 recall, Kawasaki notified its dealers that it was suspending Concours 14 shipments that were intended to be modified and sold for law enforcement applications.

"KMC is informed and believes that, despite this suspension notice, BMS and Enforcement Motors have modified as many as 44 additional Concours 14 motorcycles since March 2012 with the same or equivalent modifications as those previously made by Beaudry and BMS, and then sold the modified motorcycles either through Kawasaki dealers or directly to law enforcement agencies," according to a letter to NHTSA from Russel Brenan, senior advisor of government relations and public affairs for KMC.

"The transfer, modification and sale of these vehicles has been in violation of KMC's suspension notice to Kawasaki dealers," the letter stated.

Kawasaki asserted that there are more than 30 additional defects in the vehicles, all related to replacement parts and/or modifications made by Enforcement Motors and BMS. These defects involve everything from the tail light assembly, to the fuel tank and brake lines, to fuse boxes, radio speakers, siren mountings, wiring configurations, switches and more. (continued)