Kawasaki Reorganizes its Executive Marketing, Sales Team


We recently reported that longtime Kawasaki exec Tony Murr has retired. Now, there is new information out that Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA has restructured its executive marketing and sales team.

KMC president Takeshi Teranishi says that the changes that will create three distinct operating areas that are "intended to establish a more aggressive approach to the company's marketing needs in a tightened economic environment."

Changes to marketing, field sales and corporate sales mean that marketing director Bruce Stjernstrom, will have responsibility for advertising, public relations, corporate events, Team Green amateur racing, and trademark licensing.

The field sales efforts will be led by Bill Jenkins, who currently heads east region sales, and, as the regional sales director will have oversight for the company’s other regional sales groups.

A newly formed sales function will incorporate accessories marketing and sales, sales support services, utility product sales, and export sales, and will be headed by Jim Williams, as director of corporate sales.

Teranishi, who assumed the top executive role at KMC in April, 2009, sees this organizational shift as a way to better integrate various group functions that are at the core of KMC’s ongoing business.

“We recognize the importance of unifying efforts and concentrating more directly on our overall marketing requirements as the industry works its way through these difficult times,” Teranishi said.

Posted by Dennis Johnson