Kawasaki updates motocross bikes for 2013

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May 24, 2012

Kawasaki has updated its KX450F and KX250F motocross bikes, which are part of an early release of 2013 dirtbikes and side-by-sides.

Riding the KX450F, Ryan Villopoto was the Supercross champion this year after winning the 2011 Supercross and Motocross titles. According to the Kawasaki consumer website, main features of the revised 2013 model ($8,699 retail) include:

  • New Kayaba Pneumatic Spring Fork (PSF) replaces the main fork springs with compressed air to reduce weight, provide easier and more effective tuning and improve bottoming resistance
  • Revised engine tuning offers more power and smoother delivery from basement revs through mid and into the upper rpm range; this provides more thrust while exiting corners and all the way down the straights, while also enhancing rider confidence
  • Revised piston crown improves ultra-low to midrange engine response
  • Revised intake cam features slightly less lift, to promote better low-rpm throttle response
  • New front master cylinder features a knocker-style lever-to-piston interface for improved feel and more consistent performance than the old piston-type unit
  • New longer, lower density grips make life easier on the rider’s hands. They also extend further towards the center of the handlebars, allowing riders to move their hands up to 20 mm closer together
  • New lightweight 240 mm petal-type rear rotor features the same aggressive petal style as the front rotor and is gripped by a single piston hydraulic rear caliper
  • Launch Control improves low-gear acceleration by helping to reduce wheel spin during the run to the first corner
  • Pre-programmed ignition maps are interchangeable trackside, no PC required
  • Adjustable four-position handlebar and two-position footpegs allow riders to fit the KX to match their personal preference
  • Black anodized aluminum rims for a factory look

The KX250F ($7,599 retail) returns for 2013 with an all-new plug-and-play adjustable ECU, a narrower frame, and slimmer ergonomics. Other features include:

  • Upgraded Showa Separate Function Fork (SFF) provides more progressive damping force and features larger-diameter 48 mm inner fork tubes for improved rigidity and less stiction
  • Dual injector Digital Fuel Injection system
  • More robust high-rpm engine output extends deep into the overrev
  • Stronger engine components improve reliability

Other early-release 2013 models include the following dirtbikes:

  • KX100 ($4,249)
  • KX85 ($4,049),
  • KX65 ($3,649,
  • KLX140 ($2,999),
  • KXL140L ($3,299),
  • KLX110 ($2,399) and
  • KXL110L ($2,399).

As well as the following side-by-sides:

  • Teryx 750 FI 4x4 LE ($11,799),
  • Teryx 750 FI 4x4 LE Camo ($11,999),
  • Teryx 750 FI 4x4 Sport ($12,599),
  • Teryx 750 FI 4x4 ($10,999),
  • Mule 610 4x4 XC Camo ($8,399),
  • Mule 610 4x4 XC ($7,999),
  • Mule 610 4x4 ($7,699) and
  • Mule 600 ($6,899).

Posted by Arlo Redwine

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