KC'Z Cycle Goes to Church


Historic properties can make alluring dealerships, but they aren’t without their obstacles, as KC’Z Cycle in Morrison, Illinois, is finding out.

The dealer wants to move a few blocks within its historic district and set up shop in a former Catholic church. To make it work, the shop needs to install a lift so customers’ bikes can ascend to the second level of the building.

KC’Z Cycle has been at 647 E. Lincolnway in Morrison for five years. Now owner KC Milnes wanst to move to the church at 126 E. Lincolnway, in a historic district, according to the The Prairie Advocate News. The Council passed a special use ordinance allowing the shop move Feb. 8.

Gary Milnes spoke to the City Council on the dealership’s behalf, saying they would not change the exterior of the building, just adding the lift inside. Another applicant sought a permit to run a fitness center downstairs.

Posted by Holly Wagner