Keep your bike in a bubble

Publish Date: 
Dec 11, 2013

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – BikeCapsule, manufactured by CarCapsule, is an inflatable bubble that completely seals and protects motorcycles from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew, musty odors and pests, according to the company.

This 10-mil clear PVC container is inflated by a high-pressure fan, and is 18-mil floor resistant to fluids and flames. Air filter allows air to completely exchange eight times an hour.

Advantages: Eliminates moisture, keeps bike from getting damaged by falling objects and other pests.

Target customer: People who have to winterize and/or store their bike.

Installation: 7-10 minutes, the company says

MSRP: $269-$309

An outdoor version will be available soon. For more information,  call 219-945-9493.