Keep your cool, try a Reefer (oil cooling system)

Publish Date: 
Jul 21, 2013
By Bruce Steever

HOLLISTER, Calif. - Air-cooled engines look right, they sound right, but they’re an engineering nightmare. For an engine to use air-cooling while still meeting modern emissions standards, engineers are forced to sacrifice performance. And most riders immediately look to boost power numbers once they get the bike home as well.

Ultracool Oil Cooling Systems aims to give riders the ability to stretch out their engines’ performance while still improving durability with its new Reefer oil cooling kit ($399) for FLH and Dyna H-D models.

The Reefer is a complete bolt-on kit that includes a thermo-switch-controlled oiling valve to supply a 17-row oil radiator. For low speeds, a pair of fans keeps air flowing across the radiator. Stainless-steel construction promises longevity and the entire kit is covered by a one-year parts warranty. 

In addition to mechanical benefits for the engine, Ultracool promises a noticeable difference in rider comfort as well.

Press images courtesy Ultracool