Kenda features brand-new rubber at indy


“It’s all based on new products for us this year,” says Kenda’s Gus Niewenhous about the company’s plans for Dealer Expo.

Kenda designed the K784F/K784 Big Block to meet the demands of high-powered adventure bikes and serious adventure riders. Kenda says the tread pattern provides high traction on a variety of terrain. The rubber compound is designed for wet/slick and dry/hard-packed terrain. Large tread blocks improve tread wear and high-speed handling, while a high-impact bias-ply casing structure provides puncture resistance. Bias-belted casing improves handling and stability. DOT and E-mark-approved.

Kenda designed the K587 Bear Claw HTR, the successor to the Bear Claw K299, to meet the demands of the modern-day ATV. A new 8PR Radial casing structure provides the highest level of puncture resistance and excellent handling, according to Kenda. The tread pattern provides high traction on a wide range of terrain. A new center knob design ensures low vibration and a smoother ride. Tall knobs dig into the dirt and mud, and are spaced apart to push the dirt away and self-clean. Available in 25-, 26- and 27-inch sizes.

After two first-in-class finishes at the Baja 500 and 1000, the Parker DT prototype (not shown) is now available to the public. Kenda’s goal was to make the best possible tire for the Southwest. With the current Parker’s 6-ply casing as the foundation, the company wanted a better tread pattern for the region. Kenda looked no further than the original Carlsbad design, a longtime favorite of Southwestern riders. “Add to that a new long-wear compound, and you’ve got the ultimate desert tire that’s tough enough to run in the nastiest terrain this country can offer,” Kenda says.