Kendon jack allows loaded Stand-Up trailer to be detached from tow vehicle


Kendon Industries, the maker of Stand-Up motorcycle trailers, introduces a crank-down swivel jack stand for people who want to detach a fully loaded Stand-Up trailer from the tow vehicle. A roller wheel also enables the user to move the trailer while fully loaded. MSRP is $139.95.

“For Kendon owners the question ‘How strong is this thing… and can I trust it to hold my trailer up if I have two heavyweight cruisers loaded?’ inevitably arises, so let me address that right now,” Kendon president Frank Esposito stated in a press release. “Our crank-down swivel jack is strong enough … more than strong enough because everything we sell has to meet Kendon’s industrial strength quality test.”

Esposito said the stand will easily support the tongue weight of any fully loaded Kendon trailer up to its full GVW load capacity.

With no welding required, the swivel crank lift bolts on and is retrofitable to any Kendon Stand-Up trailer model. The new accessory is plated to resist oxidation. Maintenance is a snap thanks to a single easily accessible grease fitting.

“It just plain works,” Esposito said. "High mechanical leverage makes it easy to use… so very little cranking effort is required to elevate the trailer off of the towing ball of the tow vehicle. This is the perfect addition to any Kendon trailer.”

Complete instructions and mounting hardware are included.

More information about the full line up of Kendon Stand-Up motorcycle trailers, lifts and accessories can be found at Kendon’s recently revamped website,, or call 714-630-7144.

Posted by Arlo Redwine