Kendon MotoLift


Kendon Industries president Frank Esposito claims that the new MotoLift will net service departments 30 percent more profit than without. “The MotoLift is an incredibly versatile tool for the dealer on a day-to-day basis,” Esposito says in a news release. "More importantly, it is also a potential profit center as it offers professional grade equipment to those dirtbike enthusiasts who handle their own motorcycle maintenance," he points out.

The MotoLift measures 24”x36” and unlike most professional shop lifts, it can be moved, folded up and stored away. It features a 600-lb. weight capacity, adjustable height settings up to 48” and removable front and rear sections for access to wheels for replacement or cleaning. The MotoLift has features that are geared toward the off-road market.

Contact: Kendon Industries, 714-630-7144,