Kerker SuperMeg 2-into-1 system aims for maximum rpm

Publish Date: 
Feb 27, 2014
By Bruce Steever

CLEVELAND, Ohio – SuperTrapp Industries recently announced new-high performance Kerker 2:1 (two-into-one) SuperMeg exhaust system for late-model Harley-Davidson models across the range.

Featuring a non-baffled 2.5-inch mechanical core and megaphone structure, the SuperMeg shifts the power curve to the top-end providing high-rpm power for large peak performance gains, the company noted.

The system is available in chrome or black, with the dark version featuring a black chrome head pipe and black ceramic-coated heat shields and muffler body. For riders who want a more factory-like style, the Imposter Pipe adds a dummy exhaust for a symmetrical look.

The SuperMeg system retails for $735, while the Imposter adds another $411.