Kibblewhite Shim In Tappet Kit tackles Busa performance issues

Publish Date: 
Aug 15, 2012

PACIFICA, Calif. - Kibblewhite Precision Machining Inc. announces the Shim In Tappet Kit designed to increase performance and reliability for the Hayabusa engine.

Kibblewhite said it developed the Shim In Tappet Kit (part 60-60800) to counter three common problems that occur in the Hayabusa cylinder head in extreme performance applications.

“We have engineered and tested our Hayabusa shim in tappet kit to meet the most demanding performance situations,” said Mike Perry director of R&D for Kibblewhite. “As motor builders and racers continue to push these motors past what they were designed for, we at Kibblewhite have identified the problems and offer a solution for enhanced performance and reliability with our new shim in tappet kit.” 

The Shim In Tappet Kit solves the problem of ovaling and/or spitting shims with the Hayabusa, causing a decrease in motor performance and reliability. KPMI developed a tappet/retainer/spring kit combination that has the shim located in a counter-bore in the underside of the tappet instead of the retainer. The newly located tappet allows for an oil film creating suction helping keep the shim in place, making it far less likely to pop out and cause a catastrophic failure during a over-rev or spring surge.

To prevent keepers from popping out in extreme performance situations, Kibblewhite has coupled the Shim In Tappet with a triple grooved valve and matching keeper, making it virtually impossible for the keepers to pop out, even under the most severe conditions the company said. This "one of a kind" combination has been race tested and proven successful, the company added.

Kibblewhite also offers the triple groove valves and spring kit with a retainer for OEM style tappets.

Press release posted by Mary Slepicka