Kit Bikes Limited By EPA Scrutiny


Excerpted from the just-released March 2005 issue:

By Mike Vaughan, publisher

The second meeting between the Motorcycle Industry Council's newly formed American V-Twin Committee involved more than 60 V-twin VIPs, including Ben Kudon (Rivera Engineering), Kenny Price (Samson Exhaust), Bob Kay (Biker Pros) and Frank Esposito (Custom Chrome).

The committee is being chaired by Fred Fox (Drag Specialties) and vice-chaired by Ted Sands (Performance Machine). Members also include Will Garland (American IronHorse), Dave Koshollek (DAKO Enterprises and a Dealernews/American Big Twin Dealer contributing writer), Nick Messer (Big Dog Motorcycles), Brett Smith (S&S), Grady Pfeiffer (GH Marketing) and Len Sims (NADA).

A meeting information sheet from S&S' Smith (see attached file for download) outlines information including on-highway standards for California and federal EPA for 2004 and beyond; 2006 EPA exemptions for motorcycle kits and custom bikes; EPA display bike exemptions for 2006; DOT certification; and NADA requirements.

Current laws on kits and custom bikes limit a person to only one emissions-exempt vehicle in his or her own lifetime.