Klock Werks and S&S Invite you to Join the Camaraderie of Land Speed Racing


The following is a news release from Klock Werks

MITCHELL, S.D. – Klock Werks and S&S announce the WFB (World’s Fastest Bagger) Traveling Cup Award! And for the first time in history, the inaugural WFB Traveling Cup will be presented to one of you who have the sickness of speed!

In 2006, the krew at Klock Werks became the first to build a “bagger”, or touring bike, for the Discovery Channel Biker Build Off Series, which they WON, and the first to set a National Land Speed Record with that type of bike the same year. Klock Werks entered into racing hoping that more builders and companies would join them, as they felt it would only lead to more performance products for baggers. True to that initial vision, it was from their efforts on the salt that their own FlareTM Windshield was born. The Flare is now their number one selling part, and has proven to be a product that not only looks great, it performs, adding downforce and aiding stability at racing speeds, as well as highway speeds. So now, after racing the same bagger for the last 3 years and setting records each year with it, they’ve decided to take a year off, and simply INVITE more racers to come! When Klock Werks spoke to S&S about the idea, they signed up. Didn’t hurt that the World’s Fastest Bagger runs on an S&S 124” motor.

Klock Werks and S&S introduce to you the WFB Traveling Cup! The 2009 winner will receive $500 in S&S Product, $500 in Klock Werks Product, and a gift certificate for a Klock Werks Flare Windshield! Notice that we mention traveling CUP – it’s big cup, and the hope is that other companies will join in and fill the cup. The winner from each year will have their name, team, and speed attached to the cup, and it will be passed on year to year. The cup at this time has 3 plates on it, for the 3 years that Laura Klock piloted the World’s Fastest Bagger to National Land Speed Records. Let’s get YOUR name added!

And you don’t even have to set a record. As we go forward the records in the classes we run in can get bumped higher by bikes that aren’t “baggers”, so we are simply asking you to turn in your official timing slip with your top time for a one way pass from the Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials event. Your bike needs to be a bagger for this to be fair, it’s a bagger award, so we respectfully submit the following guidelines:

· American Powered V-Twin
· Bike must have a fairing with MINIMUM frontal area of 388 square inches, including headlight and windshield
· You must run with saddlebags on, with 75 square inches minimum frontal area per bag

Top Time Definition. · Top times are defined as the motorcycle that reaches the highest average speed over a timed measured mile, and that meets the appropriate category criteria as listed above. All times will be verified by the official event timers and the event promoters. Prize winners do not have to break the record to be eligible, as long as they have the highest average speed at the completion of the eligibility period during that years event.

• All Motorcycles must meet as a minimum the regulations set out in Chapters 1 & 2 in the 2009 AMA Supplemental Regulations for Bonneville, and needs to be legal for an AMA or FIM class.
• All awards/prize money winners must be complete an entry form for the event and be in good standing with the Event Promoters and the AMA. Open to all AMA and FIM Participants that meet the listed criteria.
• Awards/prize money recipients will be deemed void if they do not meet all criteria and awards/prize money will be presented to the next eligible participant that meets the applicable criteria.
• Prize money is awarded for individual events and the amounts awarded, categories available, and the eligibility time period are at the sole discretion of the Event Promoters for each annual event.
• The AMA and the FIM do not verify award money eligibility.
• All award money recipients must complete a W-9 form before any prize money will be issued from BUB racing (forms will be available in the registration area). Some prize money may be issued directly from the sponsor.
• Participants are eligible for more than one prize money category, as long as the criteria is fulfilled for both categories. Should the same bike run in two different classes/categories, `times cannot be interchanged between classes.
• All eligibility time period information will be included in pre- entry confirmation, and/or posted at the event in the Event Registration Area.
• The Event Promoters have created these rules in the best interest of fairness and in the spirit of the competition. The Event Promoters will make the final decision regarding compliance of the rules and in the event of a dispute the Event Promoters’ decision is final.

Beyond that, get creative, keep it fair, and let’s keep the true spirit of the salt alive. Helping each other out, sharing in victory and defeat, and keeping the sport FUN.

We wish you the best! See you on the salt!

Anyone interested in possibly winning the cup and prizes included should contact Laura Klock at laura@kustomcycles.com or (605) 996-3700. For more details on the sponsors, please go to www.kustombaggers.com, www.sscycle.com, and www.speedtrialsbybub.com.