KTM fronts MIC membership fee for 49 dealers

Publish Date: 
Jul 1, 2013

IRVINE, Calif. - Forty-nine KTM dealers recently joined the Motorcycle Industry Council, in part due to KTM’s endorsement of the new dealer membership class.

KTM offered to pay the membership dues of its dealers who joined the MIC, with the caveat that the dealers would repay the OEM at a later date, the association announced.

Including these new KTM retailers, 238 dealers have joined the MIC so far. All together, they represent 40 states and 139 out of 436 congressional districts, MIC reported.

“The MIC can’t thank KTM enough for their generous support of the new dealer membership class,” said Mark Blackwell, Polaris vice president of special projects and chairman of MIC. “By proactively encouraging their dealers to join the MIC, KTM has demonstrated the kind of synergistic relationship with its dealers necessary to help unite the powersports industry and ensure its successful growth. Manufacturers, dealers, distributors, customers — together, we create our industry, and each of us is a vital component of the owning experience. On behalf of the MIC board, we are pleased and honored to welcome these KTM dealers to the MIC.”

Earlier this year, the MIC welcomed dealers to its membership for the first time since 1974. The goal was for the dealers to help unite the powersports industry under the MIC umbrella, “ultimately strengthening existing dealer networks and improving the overall customer experience,” the council said.

The dealer members join the MIC’s nearly 300 existing member companies, which include motorcycle manufacturers and distributors, aftermarket product manufacturers, importers and distributors, and others.

“KTM is proud to contribute to the strength of the MIC and its dealer membership class with the addition of these KTM retailers,” said Jon-Erik Burleson, president of KTM North America and MIC vice chair. “Maintaining close relationships with our dealers is a priority at KTM, as is promoting their active involvement in the MIC’s activities, most specifically in the areas pertaining to land access and government relations. At KTM, we consider encouraging our dealers to join the MIC as a ‘call to action,’ if you will — a request to come together and support our industry overall, and ultimately to help it grow.”

The limited dealer membership provides access to the MIC’s proprietary market research data, technical data, both Federal and state regulatory support, and a variety of industry discounts. While the dealer council serves in an advisory capacity to the MIC, dealer members do not receive voting status in the association.

Posted by Arlo Redwine. Photo courtesy Motorcycle Industry Council