KTM Gives Malcolm a Nod for Lead Protest

It looks as if at least one OEM is jumping in to support Malcolm Smith's civilly disobedient act of selling three youth machines banned under new lead content rules.

In a letter sent to wide release, KTM North America praised Smith, as well as all those who attended his sale on March 19 protesting the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). As a public challenge to the rule, Smith lined up three long-time motorcycling friends and sold two KTM 65XS dirtbikes and one youth quad.

The vehicles were sold to AMA National Champion Jeff Ward, Troy Lee, owner of Troy Lee Designs and Bud Feldkamp, owner of Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, Calif.

"On behalf of KTM North America I am extending our deepest gratitude to Malcolm and his staff for their proactive approach to the CPSIA issue," KTM president Jon-Erik Burleson wrote in the message. "The more people involved and attention generated on this issue will ensure a timely resolution to the matter at hand."

Smith launched the protest as part of his Kids Love 2 Ride campaign against the possibility of fines up to $300,000 — up to $100,000 for each vehicle — and possible jail time.

— submitted by Dennis Johnson