KTM plans expansion on multiple fronts

Publish Date: 
Apr 1, 2007
By Guido Ebert

Optional upgrades include a 300 hp engine, DSG transmission, and a kit that increases safety levels to meet FIA approval for competition.

There are no electronic driving aids, no air bags, no sound system, no power steering and no roof.

As a result, X-Bow driving equipment includes a custom-made helmet and special overalls developed with Dainese that take over some of the comfort functions usually available in a vehicle with a roof — for example, entertainment and communication systems are directly integrated into the clothing.

The first 100 units of the X-Bow will be manufactured in-house by Dallara and sold exclusively KTM. KTM projects a limited production of about 500 units annually, with each unit retailing for around $53,000.

Pierer says deliveries to Asia would precede shipments to the States. For now, KTM plans to establish two qualified sales establishments in eight countries in Europe. — Guido Ebert