KTM Prepping Small Displacement Sportbike

KTM offers the public a limited supply of its track-only Red Bull Rookie Cup bike for about $40,000 each, but what about a small displacement supersport that's street-legal and affordable?

"You will get one — for sure," says Hubert Trunkenpolz, managing director, Sales & Marketing, KTM Power Sports AG. "It's exactly what we have in mind."

"Our customers are getting older, and so we in the industry have an obligation to do something to attract younger riders," Trunkenpolz explains. "We want to get young people really excited about getting on motorcycles, but also have to offer something that's priced in a way that would make it an affordable choice for a young person who doesn't have the ability to make an autonomous purchasing decision and has to seek approval from a parent or grandparent. We?ve analyzed the target groups — going to the skater parks and places like that in an effort to understand what their desires are.

"Development is finished, now we just have to bring it into production. I think you'll see it, at the latest, in two years' time at the American dealers."