KTM rolls slowly, but firmly, back into street sales: Q&A with Tom Moen

Publish Date: 
Aug 29, 2013
By Bruce Steever

You mentioned promotions and new products coming down the pipeline. Is KTM ready to bring a full range of motorcycles to the U.S. going forward?

Moen: I’ve seen the stuff that’s coming for 2014, and KTM, they won’t just release a product and sit back saying, “there, our bike’s done,” and go on holiday.

"[KTM] won't just release a product and sit back, saying, "There, our bike's done," and go on holiday.

-- Tom Moen

KTM basically has a two-year new product program where they are redoing stuff every two years, especially in the off-road market. New model, refinement; new model, then refinement. So it might be motocross one year, then Adventure machines next season, then trail bikes the next. So we have this [1190 Adventure] this year, then we have the new Super Duke coming next year, and that’s how we’ll keep seeing new product.

We’ve proven that product has been the key during a soft motorcycle market. The people that can still buy motorcycles want to buy product, they want to buy new and advanced technology. As long as technology keeps going this way to make product better, like with this Adventure bike that’s basically a real sportbike, we’ll continue to perform going forward.