Kuberg, maker of electric bikes for kids, exhibits at first Dealer Expo

Publish Date: 
Feb 19, 2013
By Arlo Redwine

DEALER EXPO, Indianapolis, Ind. - Kuberg, a European maker of electric motorcycles for children, attended its first Dealer Expo this past weekend in the hopes of expanding its presence in the U.S.

Michal Kubanek and Stanislav Leffner began developing the bikes in the Czech Republic about five years ago and began marketing them about three years ago. In 2012 the company sold more than 1,000 bikes worldwide, according to Kubanek, who also said that Kuberg is fully insured for liability.

Kuberg's U.S. office and warehouse are in Santa Cruz, Calif., with corporation documents filed in Delaware.

Kuberg has about 15 dealers in the U.S. and is looking for more, preferably those already selling major motorcycle brands.

“We look for the good dealerships like KTM and BMW,” Kubanek said. “We only have these types of dealerships at the moment. They, of course, are more difficult to penetrate, but we think that for the long-term success of our company, it’s better to do hard work now than to spoil our distribution channel.”

Kuberg’s three kids models are The Start (seat height of 16 inches for ages 2 to 5), the Trial E (seat height of 21 inches for ages 4 to 10), and the Cross (seat height of 23 inches for ages 5 to 12). All models feature fully covered batteries, a chain guard, a parental speed dial control, and suspension comprised of telescopic forks and a spring shock absorber. MSRPs for the models, in order of increasing size, are $1,099, $1,499 and $1,699.

Kuberg was also displaying a prototype motorcycle for teenagers that will be available later this year. Top speed will be around 40 mph and its range will be around 40 miles.

Already in production is a waterproof electric adult trials bike with electric clutch. It weighs only 157 lbs. and has a range of up to three hours.

Kuberg offers two wholesale programs: one for retailers and one for enthusiasts who act as a broker for a nearby dealer, showing off the bikes at local events. All sales, including those initiated at www.kuberg.com, go through brick-and-mortar dealerships.