Kymco Brings Techs To Taiwan

Technicians from eight nations visited KYMCO headquarters in Taiwan late last month for a one-week training course devoted to teaching the complexities of the company's new Auto-control Fuel Injection (AFI) system.

Technicians from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States, South Africa, Sweden, Italy and Australia took part March 24 to 28. Participants trained on six scooter models, including the Grandvista 180i, Grandvista 200i, People S 300i, Xciting 300i, Xciting 500i and MYROAD 700i. Each participant received a certificate signifying them as authorized by KYMCO for AFI engine system maintenance.

KYMCO says it developed the AFI system in an effort to conform with increasingly restrictive worldwide emissions regulations. The company says its goal is to outfit most of its models with the new system.

KYMCO executives say they arranged the training opportunity to ensure that the brand's technicians continue to provide a high quality of after-sale service to customers worldwide.