KYMCO signs on as sponsor of inaugural scooter land speed trials


KYMCO USA has signed on as a sponsor of the inaugural Scooter Land Speed Trials, which takes place Nov. 21 on Historic Route 66 in Devore, Calif.

The Motor-Scooter International Land Speed Federation (MSILSF), a newly created and self-appointed sanctioning organization of motor-scooter land-speed records, launched the event after a proposal to allow scooters and create a separate scooter class at the AMA/BUB land speed trials at Bonneville was rejected by organizers. While there may be some changes in the AMA/BUB rules for 2011, the MSILSF decided to host a scooter only event this year.

KYMCO USA says its involvement with the MSILSF speed trials dovetails nicely with the companies recent involvement Scooter Cannonball Run, adding that it has scooters that qualify for nearly all the organizations different classes.

Four riders have already registered to ride in four different classes on KYMCO scooters. Daniel Smith of San Diego will be riding a KYMCO Super 9 50cc in the 50cc class. Also from San Diego, Alan Spears will cover the 70cc class on a KYMCO S9 Malossi 70cc. Michael Tockey, a KYMCO Dealer in Indianapolis — a Dealernews Top 100 dealer — will be riding a KYMCO Super 8 in the 150cc class. And in the 250cc class, Richard Newman from Oceanside, Calif., is entering on a KYMCO Grandvista 250cc.

“We are excited to be part of this historic race and to be a sponsor for the first ever Motor Scooter World Land Speed Record being set. KYMCO USA is moving to the forefront of the scooter world, so it only makes sense for us to be involved,” said Rick Pawelka, KYMCO USA's director of marketing.

The race will be run one scooter at a time over a measured half mile course marked by cones and trophies will be awarded to persons attaining the highest top speed in each class. The records will stand until broken at the next annual event.

posted by Dennis Johnson