L.A. Times reports: Honda Groms flying out of So Cal showrooms

Publish Date: 
Oct 28, 2013

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Honda’s new Grom is so popular in Southern California that dealers are having trouble meeting demand.

Dealers are sold out of the 124.9cc Grom and report waiting lists of up to 40 buyers. Many are offering more than the $2,999 sticker price for the street-legal mini-motorcycle.

"We thought it would do well, but we've been taken aback by the response," Jon Seidel, assistant manager of American Honda MC Press, told the Los Angeles Times. "We have dealers with waiting lists of 30 and 40 people."

Dealers confirm the demand. "Every day we have three or four people asking about it," said Huntington Beach Honda sales manager Greg Guthrie. "I've been in the business 25 years, and I can't remember a unit that has had a wider cross-section of buyers. There is no demographic for this bike. It's everyone. That's the demographic."

Honda of North Hollywood sales manager Larry Ingraham said he has 10 people on a waiting list, 30 units on order, and not one Grom in his showroom. He expects delivery in December and January, a wait he said has discouraged some potential buyers.

Ingraham has heard of customers paying as much as $5,500 to get their hands on a Grom. Several used Groms were for sale on Craigslit and EBay this week for prices of $4,200 or more.

Honda is targeting young and new riders with the bike, introduced in foreign markets more than a year ago, as the MSX125. It would have been called that here too, a Honda representative said, except that name was already patented for a lawnmower.

"We need this market to grow," said Bill Savino, motorcycle press manager at American Honda . "The boomers are going out. We need new riders coming in."

Posted by Holly Wagner